Hari Besar

Exploration of an infographic design based on celebration & important days in a year of 2018 for Indonesian calendar.




Information Design


W.580 mm, H.580 mm. Scalable vector.


Nov, 2017

The unique chronological timeline was based on my believe that a timeline should not be boring to be seen. Therefore, this infographic is a result of unusual composition of a calendar. But only represents important dates for Indonesian Calendar. ‘Hari Besar’ means ‘Big Days’, or ‘Celebrated Days’.



I picked a simple data to be visualized differently like no other before. It is a table of data from Indonesian government’s web page ( that shows sets of data about Important Days in Indonesia. This Data Visualization was made in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language), but I think you would understand the way it represents dates and months in a year.

Here are my steps:

1. Collect the data from the website.

2. Join all the data into one sheet in Microsoft Excel.

3. Sort the data based on the date. (FYI, the word “Tanggal” means “Date” in English).

4. Sketching the design. I would like to make it unconventional. While the common way to create a timeline is by using a horizontal or vertical lines, I tried to make it in a circle.

5. Start working on Illustrator and iterating the design until I think it’s good enough 😀