Diabetes Monitor App Design


iOS Foundation


User Experience & User Interface Design


Apple Developer Academy Facilitator


Oct, 2018

Team DNA [Fatih, Denny, Michael, Farrel, & Trevin]

Consists of 5 people from Computer Science major, except me who is from Visual Communication Design – New Media major. We were working on the process of UX, UI, & Swift-based app development for a Month.

iOS Foundation is a part of Apple Developer Academy program with Bina Nusantara (BINUS) University. Throughout this program, we were learning the process of mobile app development within Apple Ecosystem by using Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) method.

“The Challenge Based Learning user guide is for everyone (students, teachers, parents, administrators, and community members) interested in building learning communities focused on identifying Challenges and implementing thoughtful and sustainable solutions” (Source:

Step 1 - Establishing

Discover Problems


Starting with ‘Health’ as the big idea, our group look for problems by gathering ideas we have in mind, until we chose diabetes as our main topic.


  • How dangerous Diabetes is?
  • What are the Common symptoms of Diabetes?
  • What are the Common cause of Diabetes?
  • What are the Causalities of Diabetes?
  • How much Diabetes patients need to pay to overcome Diabetes?
  • Are there obstacles to overcome Diabetes?
  • How is the control for Diabetic Patients?
  • Problems/Obstacles for Diabetic Patients?

Step 2 - Research

Getting Insights


  1. Top 10 Cause of Death by WHO in 2012 shows that Diabetes is on the third position in the world. (WHO).
  2. Majority of Diabetic Patients in Indonesia by Depkes, -are old people starting at age 40+. (DepKes RI).
  3. Self-Management is helpful for diabetic patients, according to a research by Syiah Kuala University.
In-Depth Interview Insights

DOCTOR (Specialize in Nutrition):

  • Dr.Tonita Petrus Pati, Sp.GK, told us the details of diabetes, and the cost to overcome diabetes that surprisingly for us, is very expensive. Especially when patient has complications.


  • Mr.Romy Oktaviansyah, told us his experience of 25 years with diabetes. With 8 years of using insulin, he is confidence enough to say that he is the one who knows and takes control of his cosumption, better than doctors.

“I am smarter than the doctors… I am the one who check my glucose everyday”

Competitor Analysis

Step 3 - Synthesis and Solution

Define & Develop


Diabetes is very dangerous, & expensive to overcome. Its procedure to overcome currently done by food logging & doctors’ calculation manually based on assumption. But understanding that patients are the ones who checked & control their blood sugar everyday. Self-Management is the best way to help patients to overcome diabetes.


By helping self-management so that patients’ diabetes aren’t levelling up, through Digital Logging.

  • Logging consumption/food.
  • Logging blood sugar.
  • Has reminders.
  • Can export & print out report.
  • UX specifically designed for people 40+.

Step 4 - User Interface & Prototyping



Understanding from our research, that most of diabetic patients are old people, I created a user interface design that has big icons for them to see it clearly. Items on the homepage are also the most important ones for the users to see. Yet if accommodated more time to execute this project, I would like to validate again the prototype with real target users. So that I can get feedbacks and really comprehend on what their needs are.

User Interface Design

For Product:

  • Need to consider how to prevent cheating from users.
  • Are medical stores accept prescriptions from mobile app?
  • The guideline of Health Kit prohibits sharing medical data.
  • Need to emphasize the feature of notification/reminder.

For UI:

  • Change the hamburger button icon into a medical icon.
  • Give explanations on the graphic so that users knows how to read it.

For UX:

  • Need to validate on whether or not the target market (old users) understands and able to complete the task easily.
Suggestion For Future Development
  • Provide Online Doctor consultations & e-Billing (integration with hospital).
  • Auto Glucose-Meter Logging (from machine to iPhone)